14 Nov WA alpaca breeders band together to support our youth

WA alpaca breeders band together to support our youth

At our recent Albany Show a group of breeders decided to come together and sponsor one of our WA youth, Mia Hancock (15), to attend the NSW Alpaca Youth Camp. 


This camp, held at Illawarra Alpaca Stud in January 2020, is the largest alpaca youth camp in Australia and is a wonderful opportunity to learn and make new friends from across Australia.

Since connecting with the AAA via her school, Kelmscott High School, in March 2019, Mia has enthusiastically engaged with as many alpaca activities as she possibly could, including:

  •  Attending four alpaca shows as a handler, helping out any breeders who needed assistance in the ring or marshalling area.
  •  Helping out with other duties including loading, feeding and watering animals, and manure clean up.
  •  Attended every youth workshop that the region has held (at Honkynut Hill), as well as an introduction to Paraders, and fleece judging.
  •  Won first prize in the 11-15 years handlers’ competition at both the Perth Royal Show and the Albany Show.
  •  Joined Murdoch University students at Banksia Park for a week of industry placement, and
  •  Voluntarily helped with shearing at Banksia Park and Honkynut Hill.

This is an impressive list, and Mia is now known to many of the breeders as a helpful, enthusiastic, alpaca loving young person that we’d love to support, as she has supported us.

Since the first Handlers event held at Honkynut Hill in April this year Mia has freely offered her time on many occasions and assisted with many things, notably general husbandry, halter training, shearing and showing. Mia is keen to learn, hard working and efficient in what she does. It is an absolute pleasure to have her around and  we value her contribution.” Jane – Honkynut Hill

We wish her the best of luck for camp, hope that it’s fun, and look forward to hearing from her when she returns.

When the breeders gathered to tell Mia the good news, there were tears of joy and a lot of love in the air. A special moment for a special person and a special group.








Thank you to the breeders that generously sponsored:

  • Banksia Park Alpacas
  • Bedrock Alpacas
  • Futura Alpaca Stud
  • Goldleaf Alpacas
  • Honkynut Hill Alpacas
  • Kallaroo Park Alpacas
  • Logans Alpacas
  • Ribblesdale Alpacas

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